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Vitruvius wins in Rome…

The Chess Player's World, a new perspective

This series of articles will present positions and games where the help of Vitruvius could have made a difference to the outcome of the game under examination. Of course this is only a semi-serious attempt to show how much the style of Vitruvius parallels that of strong human players.


The opening according to Vitruvius

In this first article, Andrea Manzo (author of the Vitruvius Opening Book) shows, in more detail than in the User’s Manual, the principle which inspired the Vitruvius’ team in the construction of the Opening Book. With the help of an example he illustrates how well the Book integrates itself with the Chess Engine to produce a very original style of play.


Leonardo's Vitruvian man

The Vitruvian Man is a world renowned ink/pencil drawing on paper (34x24 cm) by Leonardo da Vinci, and is dated circa 1490 circa and stored in the Gabinetto dei Disegni e delle Stampe delle Gallerie dell'Accademia di Venezia. It is accompanied by notes based on the work of the famed roman architect Vitruvius, in BOOK III of his De Architettura. Leonardo's drawing is traditionally named in honor of the architect.

This image exemplifies the blend of art and science during the Renaissance and has since become a present day symbol.


Game philosophy…

Vitruvius has been devolped with the aim of ‘inducing’ a Chess Engine to play human-type moves. The algorithims used concentrate largely on positional considerations and the engine does not shun even the most outrageous sacrifices.

In choosing a move, Vitruvius tends ‘always’ to favour the most aggressive continuation.


The Vitruvius team

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Latest News

New version released
Vitruvius 1.11 is now avalable on the site. Update will be sent to all purchasers of version 1.0.
Vitruvius wins third edition of Italian Open Chess Software
Especially sharp was the struggle between the two programs who finished on top, Vitruvius and Equinox; the game was drawn after 171 moves!
Vitruvius crushes Fritz 13
Vitruvius crushes Fritz 13 in a 50 game test match conducted by George Spight. Check back for games and details.
User's Manual
User's Manual is now also in English. Browse online or else download PDF version from store or from Blog section.

Thus played Vitruvius

And you, how would you play?

Hi, welcome to Vitruvius' home page.

Vitruvius is the Chess Engine with a penchant for human positional play

Vitruvius is a chess engine complying to the UCI (Universal Chess Interface) standard. It may be installed on all major commercial programs such as Fritz©, Schredder©, Aquarium©, ChessBase©, Chess Assistant©, and free programs such as Arena, Scid Josè o Winboard.

Vitruvius is built on the skeleton structure of the free Ippolit programs (RobboLito, Igorrit, IvanHoe) from which it inherits certain caracteristics and pecularties. It is however a chess engine in its own right exhibiting a very original style of play with a highly speculative tendency. Thanks to its finely tuned positional vision, Vitruvius shows a readiness to sacrifice a pawn or two, the exchange and sometimes even a whole piece, for purely positional compensation.

Some spectacular games

Vitruvius is a genius at getting winning games with passed pawns. (Robert Flesher,

Main technical features

Who Are We?
  • Playing strength above the 3100ELOmark
  • Supports multi-threading up to 16CPUs
  • Supports Large Pages (15% speed increase)
  • Intensive exploitation of modern CPUs (hardware functions POPCNT, SSE4.2, AVX, AES, etc.)
  • Compatable with endgame tables (RobboTotalBases and RobboTriplesBases) up to 6 pieces, including 'blocked position tables'
  • Detects and exploits zugzwang positions
  • Very human and speculative approach tio the game
  • Hugely strong Opening Book (Anti-Engine-Chess-Book).

Our and Vitruvius’ mission

Who Are We?

Vitruvius’ goal is to promote powerful, human-like-play in order that players of all strengths and levels can benefit from its use in their preparation for their over the board engagements.

The current version has been used by strong IMs in their preparation, training and study and it has proved itself time and again to be a very helpful and ‘unforgiving’ sparring partner.

Our 'guinee pigs’ working on the Opening Book have been able to prepare and test a whole series of extremly focused and original plans, higly creative on a positional and psychological basis (positiona sacrifices), and Vitruvius has found some higly interesting novelities in more than one opening.

The perfect chess sparring partner

Who Are We?

Usher yourself into the new age of computer aided chess preparation…

TCEC Computer chess championship

Live coverage of the Season 1 competition, which is being run exclusively between chess programs, is on its way.
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  • Telephone: 0039 06 8813636
  • Fax: 0039 06 8813683
  • Address: Via G. Pacchiarotti 109/111, 00139, Roma, Italia

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